Compact vaporizer

Compact vaporizer
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This Dry Type Vaporizer is the equipment that vaporizes liquid gas with heating a circular type heater directly to an internal core without any heat medium.

Accumulated technology and experience lead to production of high-quality and safe equipment with reduced electric consumption due to high heat transfer better than any other existing vaporizer.

This product includes temperature control equipment by double safety concept and contains high quality semi-conductors.

Operating temperature range: from -40° to +45°.

Technical Specifications:

SVL 159-30
SVL 159-50
Capacity, kg/hr 3050
Electric heater, kW/hr 46
Voltage, V 220/380
Gas inlet 15A15A
Gas outlet 20A20A
Dimensions, mm

length 340340
width 240 240
height 770 770