Reduction head

Reduction head
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The reduction head is designed for reduction of vapor phase according to GOST 20448-90 for residential, municipal and agricultural facilities gasification

The reduction head is V-1 class installation (according to PUE) where formation of explosion mixtures of IIA class is possible according to GOST R 51330.11-99, temperature class T2 according to GOST R 51339.5-99. Climatic performance U1 according to GOST 15150-69.

Technical Specifications:

Medium Liquefied gas according to GOST 20448-90
Operation temperature, max., °C from -40 to +45
Operation pressure, MPa, n/e 1,0
Capacity, m3/h, max 11
Default output pressure, KPa 2,8
Dimensions, mm, n/e, w/o housing
Length 615
Width 615
Height 2210
Dimensions, mm, n/e, with housing
Length 680
Width 680
Height 2325
Head mass, kg, n/e:
With housing 79
w/o housing 68
Average lifetime, y, not less than 20