Reduction head

Reduction head
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The reduction head is designed for re-gasification and LPG vapor phase reduction while using underground storages with a capacity of 5, 8, 10 and 20 m3 for residential, municipal and agricultural facilities gasification under conditions of seismic areas, mining, heaving and subsiding soils, as well as under normal geological conditions. The reduction head is installation of V-1g class, where formation of explosion mixtures of IA class is possible, of T1 and T2 temperature class according to GOST 12.11.011. Climatic performance for moderate climate U1 according to GOST 15150-69.

Technical Specifications:

Medium Liquefied gas according to GOST 20448-90
Operation temperature, max., C from -40 to +45
Operation pressure, MPa, n/e 1,0
Capacity, m3/h, max 72
Default output pressure, KPa 3
Dimensions, mm, n/e, w/o housing
Length 690
Width 750
Height 730
Dimensions, mm, n/e, with housing
Length 1165
Width 1165
Height 965
Head mass, kg, n/e:
With housing 210
w/o housing 133,5
Average lifetime, y, not less than 20