Facilities of Federal Service of Construction Supervision

Facilities of Federal Service of Construction Supervision
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The Facilities belong to the scope of equipment used at hazardous industrial sites which are under control of Federal Service for Ecology, Nuclear and Technological Supervision of Russian Federation. In this respect their manufacturing, application and further use must comply with the requirements of rules and procedures of each specific enterprise as well as Rules and Procedures for Electrical Installations.

The facilities are used for pumping over of LPG from storage tanks to tank trucks and vice versa. The facilities are intended for pumpover operations as well as stationary pipelines at the sites of storage, manufacturing and processing and also at other enterprises which are using LPG as raw materials, semi-finished or finished products, chemical agents; at gasfilling stations and posts, automatic gas-filling stations, transitional balloon storage warehouses etc.

The facilities may be used both separately and as a part of pumping racks, climate modifications according to GOST15150-69 are as follows:
·U1 – for operations under ambient temperatures from - 400˚C to +500˚C and average humidity of 75% under the temperature of + 150˚C;
·Hl1 – for operations under ambient temperatures from - 600˚C to + 500˚C and average humidity of 85 % under the temperature of +60˚C.

Technical Specifications:

Nominal inside diameter, mm 32/100
Height of serviced tanks:
- Tank truck, mm 2500/3500
- Rail tank, mm 4000/4500
- Container tank, mm 3500/4000
Height of the coupling fittings, mm:
- Of tank trucks 500/1700
- Of rail tanks 4000/4500
- Of container tanks 1100/4000
Effective service area radius
(distance from the axle of the support pillar to attachable accessories), mm from 500 to 4000
Maximum rated pressure, MPa
Test pressure, MPa
Operating pressure, MPa 1,6
Ambient temperature range, ˚C

- For climatic version U
from -40 to +50
- For climatic version HL
from -60 to +50
Ambient humidity, % under the temperature ˚C

- For climatic version U
75 at +15
- For climatic version HL
85 at -6
Overall dimensions, mm, no greater than
according to the design project
Weight, kg, no greater than
according to the design project
Pipeline coupling
flange type according to GOST 12820-81