LPG Dispensing Unit UIZHGE-20.PZH(Y)/1

LPG Dispensing Unit UIZHGE-20.PZH(Y)/1
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The LPG Dispensing Unit is intended for measuring the volume or weight of LPG (propane, butane or blends) while refilling balloons of vehicles.

The unit ensures safe operation in the potentially explosive area of class 1 as per GOST 51330.9-99 (zone 1g par.7.7 of the Rules of Operating Procedures for Electric Installations). Manufactured in a modular stainless steel frame, can be set up both in the one-post or two-post versions supplied with PZH-4-25 gas meter.

Technical Specifications:

Operating fluidgas
Hydraulics typesuction
Return gearpendant
Counting device typeelectronic
Operating efficiency, liters/min40-50
Minimum measured volume, liters10
Nominal inside diameter, mm20
Maximum measured fluid pressure, Mpa1,6
Voltage, V220
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm615430650