LPG Dispensing Unit UIZHGE-20.PZH/1.1M

LPG Dispensing Unit UIZHGE-20.PZH/1.1M
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LPG Dispensing Unit UIZHGE-20.PZH/1.1M is an ideal solution for internal logging and accounting of fuel consumption for industrial and agricultural enterprises.

Modern style of the gear was developed to meet requests and wishes of both owners of gas-filling stations and their customers. The dispensing unit is intended for heavy-duty performance. Included into the overall construction of the dispenser is the unified hydraulic assembly, equipped with the:
·Electric suction pump BSHM ( features double-sealing from the butt-end of the pump and absence of belt transmission, resulting in dramatic reduction of wear of the details involved);
·Double-action valve, piston type;
·Volume measuring device PPO-25 or PZH2-25. High precision and wear-proof operation of the measuring devices is achieved through the reduction of the number of friction parts and sealed surfaces.

Maintenance of the dispensing unit is easy due to the minimum of parts. For easy installation the unit is delivered with the bellows Du40.

Technical Specifications:

Operating fluidgasoline/diesel fuel
Hydraulics typesuction
Return gearpendant
Counting device typemechanicalmechanical
Operating efficiency, liters/min100
Main admissible relative accuracy, %0,50,5
Electric motor power, kWt0,55
Dispensing hose length, m3,5
Pump operational voltage, V220
Weight, kg, no greater than8080
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm7503501500