Bottom valve KD-80

Bottom valve KD-80
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Designed for installation on tank trucks and stationary storage reservoirs of LPG with the view to:

-automatic protection from emergency flow through filling and relief piping in case of the hose or fittings break;

-remote-controlled shut-off of the gas flow from a tank truck or stationary storage tank.

Technical Specifications:

Nominal inside diameter DN, mm


Nominal pressure Pn, Mpa (kg/cm2)

1,6 (16)

Operational fluid temperature t, ˚C

From -40 to +45

Operational fluid

LPG (Propane, Butane)

Outside temperature t, ˚C

From -40 to +45

Valve drive


Closing pressure

With closure flow and differential pressure of less than 1 kg/cm2

Leakage through the seal, cm3/min


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg