Technological system NGZS-04 1x18, NSV 32 (GT7 production)

Technological system NGZS-04 1x18, NSV 32 (GT7 production)
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Technological system of above-ground gas station TS "NGZS-04" consists of a fuel storage vessel, pumping unit, dispenser and is designed for refueling vehicles (cars and trucks)with liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) according to GOST 27578-87 and GOST 20448 - 90. Technology system is equipped with all necessary tools to carry out the technological operations of receiving, storage and refueling vehicles, as well as safe for routine maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Operation pressure, MPa1,6
Operation temperature, °from - 40 to + 45
Maximum pressure in the pipelines for vehicle fueling, MPa1,58
Single fill volume, litres (average)140
Total fueling time, min, n/e6
Vessel diameter, m1,62
Distance between pumping block and dispenser, m, not less than30
Vessel capacityGeometric, m312,517,515,310,18,16,1
Dischargeable capacity (K=0,85), m310,614,9138,66,95,2