Information about Technological system “KPM GT”

KPM GT Technological systems are designed for construction of automobile fueling stations (gas stations), LPG area on the multi-fuel filling stations (MFFS), as well as the seasonal station for filling household cylinders. Stations with TS"KPM GT" can be located in the residential areas and outside.

The "KPM GT" TS allows designing fuelling complex which combines: automobile gas station, staff building, service buildings (car service station and car wash), of service for drivers and passengers service(satellite store, café and toilets) and sites for temporary parking.

"KPM GT" TS provides maximum use of existing equipment when upgrading to the gas station.

TS main feature is the use of operation ready blocks in form of prefabricated modules, easy to abutting each other when mounted, thus reducing time and costs of construction.

Minimum distances between buildings and structures with a “KPM GT” gas station can be reduced by 25% with respect to the requirements of NPB 111-98.

TS equipment allows drainage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from a tanker (AC) in the reservoir system, the issuance of LPG to the consumers through dispensers, pumping LPG from tank to tank or the AC.

Technological systems are designed for heat-insulated, ground and underground tank placement.

Vehicle are equipped with systems of automatic environment control, disabling of vehicle service stations and the inclusion of audible and visual alarms in case of emergency situations.

The basic TS package includes:
-LPG storage block (BH LPG) with accessories (operation tank of 10, 11, 75, 20, 23.5 m3 capacity).

The type and amount are determined by the project:
-Technology block (communication unit)
- Technology unit canopy;
- A system of vapor LPG waste pipes (candles) (included in the technology block);
- System for preventing tank overflow and automatic LPG level meter based on "SENSOR" / "STRUNA-M meters;
- Automatic pump pressure monitoring system;
- TS remote control;
- Cable kit (power and control);
- Nitrogen block with a set of equipment and inert gas cassette (for double-walled tanks);
- Automatic nitrogen feeder in the waste pipe (for double-walled tanks);
- A set of single-and double-walled inter-block pipelines for liquid and vapor LPG phase for above-ground or underground construction (length of pipelines according to the customer's order);
- System for controlling storage tanks and pipelines integrity.

Upon request, technological systems can be equipped with:
- Dispensers (brand and number on request);
- emergency tank assembly;
- AC-TS Pump Z-2000;
- System of automatic LPG vapor concentrations control;
- Automatic fire detection system;
- Centralized power station and distribution cabinet.

TS "KPM GT" corresponds to all regulatory and technical documentation of industrial safety. The certified technical and operational documentation (TED) is consistent with GUGPS MES of Russia from 23.04.2007 № 19-2-2005.

- TS "KPM GT", depending on the design features of performance, has following design modifications that allow construction or reconstruction gas stations, according to the needs of the customer:
- TS "KPM GT" PD - TS with underground location of double-walled LPG tank.
- TS "KPM GT" PO – TS with underground location of single-walled LPG tank.
- TS "KPM GT" ND – TS with insulated above-ground location of double-walled LPG tank.
- TS "KPM GT" NO - TS with above-ground of single-walled heat insulated LPG tank.