Pumping unit NSV-32

Pumping unit NSV-32
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Pumping unit NSV-32 is designed for pumping:
-Liquefied petroleum gas (propane - butane and their mixtures) from stationary and mobile vessels into the above-ground (underground) storage tanks and fueling automotive (domestic) cylinders;
-Liquids, non-corrosive with respect to the pump material (density n/e 1050 kg/m3).
-adapted to work with the contaminated gas.
-High reliability and maintainability (repair kit to NSV-32 pump is 2 times cheaper than foreign analogues).
-Pump dimensions allow replacement of foreign analogues (Corken FD-150, Ebsray R-10).
-Pump unit is the basic unit of all LPG equipment produced by GT7.
-Equipped with high-quality mechanical seal, manufacture of Great Britain.

Technical Specifications:

Operation temperature, °C from -40 to +45
The highest pressure developed by pump, MPa, n/e
Rated speed shaft, rev / min 2850
Voltage AC, V
Dimensions, mm 830 x 290 x 480
Mass, kg, n/e 118