Corken Z-3500

Corken Z-3500
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Coro-Vane pumps with rotor vanes are often used in LPG installations, as they are highly efficient during the entire period of operating. This pump is capable of working under conditions of vaporization during suction.

Injection Coro-Vane pumps are capable of creating a maximum differential pressure up to 8.61 MPa. Corken produces 5 sizes of pumps with a capacity from 0.2 to 79.5 m3/hour and with options for drive mounting via belt connection or direct flange connection.

Some models have safety valve for extra protection. If necessary, the valve discharges injection pressure to suction section. All models have bypass valve.


- equipment for filling/discharging of domestic cylinders

- filling/discharging stations for tanker trucks and semi-trailers

- filling/discharging high-capacity tanks

- gas transfer stations

Technical Specifications:

Pump speed, rev / min 420-800
Capacity, l / min 197-746

Inlet pressure, kPa

286 (28,6 bar)

Max pressure drop, kPa


Min medium temperature

- 32

Max medium temperature


Default pressure drop for bypass valve, MPa