Pumping unit Corken FD-150

Pumping unit Corken FD-150
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Pumping unit Corken FD-150 is designed for pumping "volatile" liquids such as liquefied petroleum gas, ammonia and other. Often, this pump is used to supply industrial equipment, aerosol filling systems that use evaporation, as well as for pumping condensate NH3, CO2, SO2 and refrigeration gases. Each pump is thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure high quality and reliability.


- Gas filling station (underground and aboveground)

- Filling of domestic cylinders

- Gas supply to vaporizers

- Gas supply to burners

- Pumping LPG into the storage tanks

Technical Specifications:

Capacity, l/min

Up to 120

Medium temperature, °

from -32 to +107

Nominal motor power, kW


Motor construction

IExdIIBT4 explosion protection


AC voltage, V


Unit mass, kg, n/e