orken FD-150

orken FD-150
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Corken FD 150 pump is a special turbine (vortex) pump with energy recovery system. Fluid is fed into the inlet nozzle and then transferred to the corresponding channel on both sides of the rotor. Then liquid is fed to the rotating rotor vanes and returns to the above mentioned channel. This recycling occurs several times during the rotation cycle. Thus, liquid passes the entire path of the pump body and then reaches the output nozzle. The power required to operate the pump motor increases with increasing pressure drop. At the same time decreases the pump performance (pressure drop is pressure difference at the inlet and outlet).

Pump is designed for pumping LPG.


- Gas fueling stations (underground and aboveground)

- Filling of domestic cylinders

- Gas supply to vaporizers

- Gas supply to burners

- Pumping LPG into the storage tanks

Technical Specifications:

Capacity (propane-butane)

at 10 bar

at 2 bar

85 l/min

174 l/min

Rotation speed, rpm


Inlet, mm (inches)

40 (1-1/2)-ANSI 300 - flange (optionally DIN)

Outlet, mm (inches)

25 (1)-ANSI 300- flange (optionally DIN)

Max operating pressure, bar


Max differential pressure, bar


Max motor power, kW

15 (normally 5,5)

Motor type

Frame type (pump for mounting to frame-type motor)

Flange type (pump for mounting to flange-type motor)