Pumping unit NSVG

Pumping unit NSVG
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Self-priming vortex gas pump (NSVG) is designed for pumping:
-Liquefied petroleum gas (propane - butane and their mixtures) from stationary and mobile vessels into the above-ground (underground) storage tanks and fueling automotive (domestic) cylinders;
-Liquids, non-corrosive with respect to the pump material (density n/e 1050 kg/m3).
The unit NSVG can be manufactured with a vertical or horizontal suction and discharge housings.

Technical Specifications:

Medium LPG
Operation pressure, MPa, n/e 1,6
Operation temperature, C from 40 to + 45
Pump head, l/min from 20 to 85
Pump type Vortex, five-step
Nozzles nominal bore 40
Motor power 7,5
Motor performance explosion-proof
Explosion protection IExdIIBT4
Motor shaft rotational speed 1450
AC Voltage, V 380
Dimensions, mm 1040300470
Unit mass, kg, n/e 173