Hot granulation line LGG

Hot granulation line LGG
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Hot granulation line LGG is intended for processing industrial and domestic wastes of polyethylene HDPE, LDPE, polypropylene, polystyrene and other materials after pre-crushing or agglomeration into pellets of the size of 3 to 5 mm. This equipment applies the principle of direct hot granulation, when the melt squeezing through a strand die hole is immediately cut off with rotating cutters. After that, the melt which is already in the form of granules (buttons) falls into the water bath for cooling and further into the dehydration device.

The line consists of the following components: extruder E75x30 with the frequency controlled screw 75 mm in diameter and a working length of 30D, feeder hopper, hot granulation head, cooling bath, centrifuge and control panel.

Feeder hopper due to the built-in agitator device eliminates the possibility of the material plugging in the loading zone, and the peculiar screw thread geometry allows to get a high quality granulate at the outlet.

Technical Specifications:

Screw diameter, mm 75
Number of screws 1
L / D ratio 30
Screw rotation frequency, min, RPM 12-120
Productivity (agglomerate), kg / h 225
Processed material


PS, АВС, flexible PVC

Extruder case heating resistance heaters
Number of heated zones, ea 5
Temperature range, 0C 0-350 (automatic)
Main drive capacity, kW 55
Nominal capacity, kW 90
Overall dimensions 5300х1275х2250
Weight, kg 2800

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