Extruder E32x28

Extruder E32x28
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Extruders and co-extruders are designed to produce a homogeneous melt of granulated thermoplastic and its further molding into the product (pipes, profiles, sheets, mesh, film, containers, etc.). Output is indicated for hydraulic resistance of 10 MPa and melt flow index not exceeding 2 gr/10 min. Extruders can be supplied with screws for processing different materials: polyethylene of high and low pressure, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride and others. If required extruders are supplied with various heads and other mechanisms to produce other products, such as: films, tubes, sheets, mesh, profiles, wire insulation, etc.

Our company manufactures extruders intended not only for the extrusion but also for co-extrusion. Co-extruder is a multifunctional extrusion device intended for use on various production lines. It can be used, for example, for printing colored marker bands on the tubes, application of adhesive layers for decorative coatings, application of thin decorative coatings on profiled products, etc.

Technical Specifications:

Screw diameter, mm 32
L / D ratio 28
Screw rotation frequency, min 27-270
Productivity, kg / h 40
Extruder coat heating resistance heaters
Number of heated zones, ea 4
Temperature range, C 0...350 (automatic
Drive capacity, kW 11
Nominal capacity, kW 13,6
Dimensions, mm:
length 1745
width 958
height 1670-1820
Weight, kg 450

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