Charging hopper sleeves for extruders

Charging hopper sleeves for extruders
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Sleeve is a liner installed in the extruder charging hopper and is a replacement part. Liners, as well as material cylinders are made of high quality steel alloy 38H2MUA.

The sleeves are thermally improved while fabricated and nitrogen hardened. The inner surface of the liners is hardened with nitrogen to a depth of 0,4 to 0,8 mm, meanwhile the inner surface strength reaches 58 ... 69 HRC providing the liner’s high strength and wear-resisting properties. 

The charging hopper is a more laborious and expensive in manufacturing than sleeve.

In the process of material capturing with a screw there is a constant friction and increased wear in the charging hopper.

Therefore, during extruder operation only the sleeve is changed according to wear, whereas the hopper remains the same. Due to the removable liner, the life of the charging hopper increases significantly. Liners are made both smooth and splined on the inner surface. When using certain  materials for extrusion, due to criticality of the inner screw diameter in loading, internal longitudinal grooves in the sleeve are made to increase the capture of material, and respectively output of the extruder.

In this case we are talking about non-refractory polymers, such as HDPE, LDPE,, PP, PS,, PVC flexible PVC, ABS and others. For refractory materials extrusion such as PET, PA, PC and Hard PVC mainly smooth sleeve is used.

Technical Specifications:

СЭ20х25 Э32х25 Э32х28 Э45х25 Э45х30 Э63х25 Э63х30 Э75х30 Э90х25 Э90х30 Э125х20
Hardness, unit as per HRC 58-69

Materia 38H2MUA

Outer diameter, mm 28 60 50 85 85 100 100 110 128 128 158
Length, mm 60 282 100 385 385 513 513 440 620 620 620
Weight, kg 0,1 5,1 0,78 7,6 7,6 7,8 7,8 17 11,7 11,7 14,4

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