Granules Dryer SG-300

Granules Dryer SG-300
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Granules Dryer SG-300 is designed for automatic loading, pre-heating and drying of thermoplastic granules within continuous processes of their further processing. Dryer can be used in the extrusion lines, separate machines and injection molding machines for production of various products from thermoplastics. Dryer consists of a drying bin, charger and floor hopper.

Technical Specifications:

Productivity, kg / h 300
The temperature of the air heating, 0C 50-160
Capacity of the hopper heating unit, m3, not less 0,15
Capacity of the charger hopper, m3, not less 0,15
Lifting height of the material, m, n/e 6
Length of transmission pipeline, m, n/e 10
Heaters capacity, kW 12
Nominal capacity, kW 14,16
Overall dimensions of the charger hopper mm (LxWxH), n/e 950х600х905
Overall dimensions with the cycle, mm (LxWxH), n/e 1050х720х1670
Weight, kg 300

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