Mobile gas-refueling tank truck PAGZ-5500

Mobile gas-refueling tank truck PAGZ-5500
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Intended for methane refueling. Operation principle is to create a negative pressure of up to 0,03 MPa inside the tank truck vessel and by means of the pressure the discharge of the condensate and heavy residues is effected. The pump is driven from the gear box via the power take-off box and drive shaft.

Technical Specifications:

Dischargeable capacity, m3 5500
Dischargeable weight, kg 3500
Vessel БА 185.31,4.415/2005
Overall number of vessels, pcs 96
Operational fluid compressed natural gas (KNG) GOST 27577-2000
Maximum filling pressure of the vessels, MPa 24,5
Operational vehicles re-fueling pressure, MPa 20
Number of dispensing posts, pcs 2
Gross weight of the fully re-fueled tank truck without a semi-trailer, kg
Traction truck type KAMAZ 365116-30

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