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Bitumen carrier is designed for carrying bitumen, emulsified bitumen products, fuel oil at 250̊ C with mass density n/e 1 ton/m3, fully meets ADR standards class 9, rules of UNECE # 73, GOST 41.105-99 DOPOG.

Tank represents a thermos-type container whose flask is a frameless bearing cylinder-shaped vessel with filler neck and breather valve. Tank has a spare parts, tools and accessories box, hose reels, safety platform at the filler neck area with catwalk and hand railings, firefighting equipment, side and back protection and spare wheel. The whole package also includes filling/discharging facility.

Standard furnishing:
TONAR axles, dual-tire wheels, pneumatic or bow-spring suspension, Russian-made:
- tires;
- brake system with ABS;
- hoses;
- on-board main equipment.

Specified truck – 6 x 4 formula, Russian-made/imported.

Technical Specifications:

Geometrical capacity, m³ 33
Total weight, kg 43000
Curb weight, kg 10000
Load on the platform, kg 27500
Load on the fifth wheel, kg 15500
Height of the fifth wheel, mm 1200 ± 5

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