Container tank for Ethylene Oxide

Container tank for Ethylene Oxide
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Container tank is designed for acceptance, short-time storage and transportation of Ethylene Oxide according to GOST 7568-88 using inorganic antifreeze for cooling.

Container belongs to outdoor facilities class B-1G as per Rules for Electric Installations, where potentially explosive blends of category IIB GOST R 51330.11-99 temperature class T2 according to GOST R 511330.5-99 can develop.

Climate type of container is U1 according to GOST 15150-69.

Commissioning implies that a user of container will take into account the following:
-Tractor Instruction Manual,
-Rules for Safe Handling of Pressure Vessels,
-Rules for Safe Transportation of Hazardous Cargoes by Road Vehicles.

Technical Specifications:

Vessel Pipe coil
Working medium Ethylene Oxide Inorganic Antifreeze
Effective pressure, MPa 0,6 0,6
Estimated pressure, MPa 1,8 1,8
Test pressure, MPa 2,3 2,3
Estimated temperature, ̊ C 50
Minimum wall temperature, ̊ C -35 12
Additional thickness for corrosion/erosion, mm 2,0
Geometrical capacity, m3 3,2 0,08
Dischargeable capacity, m3 2,6 (80%) -
Vessel group 1
Lifetime, yrs 20

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