Container tank for Liquefied Natural Gas

Container tank for Liquefied Natural Gas
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Container tank is designed for acceptance, storage, delivery and transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) by rail, sea, river and road transport, ensures total safety and necessary conditions of the product. Rugged structure of container stipulates its multiple use under any weather conditions. Manufactured as per GOST 15150, climate type U, category 1. Container length may be from 20 to 40 ft.

Technical Specifications:

Working fluid LNG
Weight of dischargeable product, t 15,53
Capacity, liters 35 360
Denomination of standard size by ISO 668:1995 1АА
Maximum effective pressure, MPa 0,6
Estimated pressure, MPa 0,76
24 hour term losses from evaporation in stationary storage scaled to the temperature of 306 K (33̊ C) and pressure of 0,1 MPa (760 millimeters of mercury), % in 24 hours, no greater than 0,54
Time limit of retention (time leg between initial state of replenishment and pressure rise as a consequence of heat inflow to pressure opening safety valves, with pressure of 0,15 MPa abs. and temperature -156 ̊ C), 24-hour periods, no less than 30
Thermal insulation type fibro vacuum
Operation temperature range, ̊ C from -40 to +50
Minimum estimated temperature of vessel wall, ̊ C:
during operation minus 156
under test minus 196
Method of filling/discharge
bottom type, supercharging by evaporator
Operation control
Discharge velocity
Method of level measurement
locally, by drop in pressure
Vessel material
corrosion-resistant steel
12H18N10Т GOST 5632
Outer casing material
low-alloyed steel
09G2С-12 GOST 5520
Pipes and fittings material
corrosion-resistant steel
12H18N10Т GOST 5632
Evaporator material
aluminum alloy
Amc GOST 4784
by way of corner fittings
Maximum gross weight, t
Tare weight, t
Maximum load when stacking-up at 1,8g, kg
192 000
Lifetime, yrs

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