Container tank KC-25

Container tank KC-25
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Vessel is designed for carriage of LPG and their blends by rail, sea, river and road transport, ensures total safety of cargo during shipment and temporary storage. Container has rugged structure for multiple use, corner fittings for loading, unloading, stacking up and anchoring. Provisions also made for product bottom discharge.

Semi-trailer tank is designed for carrying and short-term storage of all types of refined oil products with mass density n/e 820 kg/m³ and further re-filling of stationary storage reservoirs. It has a load-carrying vessel on the platform of three-axle trailer with pneumatic suspension and fully meets the requirements of ADR.

The vessel represents a horizontal cylinder tank of variable cross-section. Filling performed via top filler neck by an outside pump. Discharging effected by gravity, separately from each section. Discharge pump installation optional. Basic package for semi-trailer tank includes bottom dump valves, ball valves, make-and-break couplings, hatch covers with breather valves and two 4,5 m long hoses diam.80.

Technical Specifications:

Gross capacity, m3 25
Overall dimensions, mm:
Length 6058
Width 2438
Height 2591
Dead weight, kg 7400
Effective pressure, MPa 1,8
Lifetime, yrs 20

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