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ACT-8UOK designed for evacuation of condensate and heavy residue out of condensate collectors of underground gas pipelines and undersurface storage tanks of LPG.

Operation principle is based on generating vacuum of 0,03 MPa in tanker's vessel which makes possible the process of pumping out condensate and heavy residue.

Pump drive is effected from truck gear box via power takeoff box and cardan shaft.

Technical Specifications:

Geometrical capacity, m3 7,25
Dischargeable capacity (K=0,70), m3 5,07
Effective pressure, MPa 1,6
Operation temperature, ̊ C from- 40 to + 45
Type of vacuum pumpRotational
Vacuum pressure in vessel, MPa0,03
Pump drive mechanical from power takeoff box
Specified chassis ZIL-433362
Carried condensate volume, m3 5,7 (70% as per level gauge)
Tanker curb weight, kg,
Gross weight of tanker, kg, no greater than
Overall dimensions, m, no greater than
7,1 х 2,5 х 2,8

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