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Tanker trucks ACT-5/6/10 are designed for carrying, short-time storage and refilling of stationary tanks with odorant SPM TU 51-81-88, TU 51-313323949-94-2002, operational under moderate climate conditions at temperature range from -40̊ C to +45̊ C.

Use of imported chassis also possible, provided it meets necessary technical requirements and properly prepared to carry hazardous cargoes.

Technical Specifications:

Tank uniform cross-section cylinder
Geometrical capacity, m3, approx. 6
Dischargeable capacity (K=0,95), m3 5,7
Effective pressure, MPa no greater than 1,6
Estimated temperature of vessel wall, ̊ C 50
Operation temperature, ̊ C from -40 to + 40 °С
Climate version of model U
Gross weight of semitrailer tank, kg 15350
Overall dimensions, m, no greater than 8,6 х 2,5 х 3,4
Safety valve -
Chassis КАМАZ-43114
Wheel formula 6х4
Engine power 240 h.p.

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