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Semitrailer tank designed for carrying, short-time storage and further refilling of storage capacities with LPG according to GOST 20448-90 and GOST 27578-87 (propane, butane and their blends). Semitrailer tank is mounted on a double-axle platform and fully meets ADR requirements.

Semitrailer tank in its basic package is equipped with pump, counter, bottom valves, LPG discharge hoses, electronic level gauge, shut-off and safety relief valves.

Actions performed:
-Filling of the tank with own pump;
-Pump-over from the tank to another vessel;
-Filling by gravity bypassing the counter;
-Discharging by pump bypassing the counter;
-Discharging by pump through the counter;
-Vehicle refueling through the counter (to another semitrailer tank).

Technical Specifications:

Geometrical capacity of bodywork, m³ 13,17
Dischargeable capacity (K=0,85), m³ 11,2
Weight of LPG carried, kg, n/e 6430
Curb weight of semitrailer tank, kg, n/e 5700
Operation pressure, Mpa
Operation temperature, ˚C - 40...+ 45
Load on fifth wheel of the truck, kg, n/e 4610
Load on road through semitrailer platform, kg, n/e 7520
Load on support elements, kg, n/e 7740
Gross weight of semitrailer tank (without truck), kg 12130
Overall dimensions without truck, m 7,7 х 2,45 х 3,15

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