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Designed for carrying, short-term storage and re-filling of stationary storage reservoirs and tanker trucks with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as per GOST 20448-90, GOST 27578-87, meets the requirements of GOST 21561-76 and ADR.

ACT tanker is a part of technological system of Petrol and Gas Filling Station.

Communications hub located in a separate cage is assembled using modern components. Filling of LPG is performed by a pump (or without one); discharge –through the counter or without it, by means of a pump or by gravity. Pump is driven via power takeoff box of the vehicle. Installation of hose reel with manual or pneumatic drive, 40 meters long diam.38 is optional.

Alternatively possible is use of an imported chassis provided it meets mass/weight requirements and properly equipped to carry hazardous loads.

Technical Specifications:

Working fluid (per GOST 20448-90 and GOST 27578-87) Liquefied Petroleum Gases: Propane, Butane
Geometrical capacity, m³
Dischargeable capacity (K=0,85), m³ 18,7
Operation pressure, Mpa
Assumed temperature of vessel wall, ˚C
Operation temperature, ̊ C from - 40...+ 45
Weight of the carried load for the heaviest blend
(butane – 60%, propane – 40%) with filling ratio 0,4614 kg/liter, kg
not more than 10150
Load on the chassis, kg, n/e
front axle
rear axle

Gross weight of tanker, kg, n/e 24000
Overall dimensions, m, n/e 8,6 х 2,5 х 3,4

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