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Technical Specifications:

Operational fluid  LPG as per GOST 20448-90 and GOST 27578-87
Rated capacity (at K = 0,85), m3 14 ± 0,1
11,9 ± 0,12
Operational pressure, MPa, no greater than 1,6
Calculated pressure, MPa 1,8
Pressure during hydraulic tests, MPa 2,34 ± 0,06
Operational temperature, ˚C from -40 do +45
Weight of the carried gas, kg, no greater than (butane) 6832
Curb weight of the semitrailer tank, kg, no greater than 12209
Total weight of the semitrailer tank, kg, no greater than19180

Weight distribution on the axles, kg

-front axle 4270
-rear axle 14910
Pump type Coro-Vane® Z 2000 (Blackmer LGLD2"E)
Pump delivery, l/min 300
Rate of rotation of the pump shaft, c-1 (rpm), no greater than 16,67(1000)

Overall dimensions, mm, no greater than


Lifespan of the vessel, yrs, not less than20

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