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Designed for carrying, short-term storage and re-filling of stationary storage reservoirs, both ground-based and underground, gas vehicles and gas cylinders for household use on specially arranged open facilities.

Tanker vehicle is equipped with pump driven via power takeoff box, LPG level measurement device, mass flowmeter, safety relief valves and shut-off valves and fittings, control and measuring instruments.

Specified basic chassis for ACT-8MU are ZIL 433362, ZIL 432932 (with Diesel engine) or AMUR 531350. It is also possible to use an imported vehicle with corresponding characteristics.

Technical Specifications:

Geometrical capacity, m³ 7,25
Dischargeable capacity, m³ 6,16
LPG pressure, MPa 1,6
Temperature, ̊ C from -40 to + 40 °С
Discharge capacity: refilling vehicles tanks, liters/min
refilling household gas cylinders, pcs/hour
Capacity of household cylinders, liters 50
Inaccuracy in refilling household cylinders, kg 0,1
Pump mechanical drive from power takeoff box
Specified chassis ZIL-433362
Weight of transported LPG, kg 3540
Tanker curb weight, kg 7065
Total weight of tanker, kg 10605
Gross weight of semitrailer tank, kg 27500
Overall dimensions, m 8,6 х 2,5 х 3,4

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