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Tanker truck ACT-10U is the only movable Petrol and Gas Filling Station complying with requirements NPB 111-98 (Fire Safety Requirements for gas filling stations), designed for carrying and storage of LPG (GOST 20448-90 and GOST 27578-87) with further delivery and distribution to consumers.

ACT-10U is fully autonomous and able to fulfill its functions in an isolated environment with no engineering communications. It does not need electric power supply. LPG is discharged from the tank by means of pressure effected by compressed natural gas fed into tank from the high pressure block.

Use of traction truck provides overall mobility and high maneuverability of ACT-10U.

High safety level of tanker performance is achieved through specific constructive solution of ACT-10U:
• LPG vessel is double-walled with bearing outer wall;
• Insulation space filled with material which provides resistance to fire for more than one hour;
• Outer filling lines equipped with automatic and remote actuating safety devices which react to any emergency – fire, gas leakage etc.
• Tanker has a system for pipes blow-down with chemically inactive gas and further to vent pipe.

* ACT-10U engineered and developed in cooperation with EMERCOM's All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Fire Protection.

Technical Specifications:

Working fluid (per GOST 20448-90 and GOST 27578-87) Liquefied Petroleum Gases: Propane, Butane
Dischargeable capacity (K=0,85), m³ 8,5
Insulation space operation pressure, MPa 0,1
Net weight of double-wall vessel with thermal insulation, kg, n/e 8700
Number of cylinders for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) 15
Maximum operation pressure in CNG cylinders, Mpa 20
Tanker curb weight, kg, n/e 16135
Dischargeable LPG weight (for Butane), kg 4880
Tanker gross weight, kg 20870
Gross weight distribution on front axle, kg 4990
Gross weight distribution on rear axle (platform), kg 15880
Chassis KAMAZ-65115-0001-1966-62
Overall dimensions, m


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