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Technical Specifications:

Working fluidDark oil products with mass density of up to 900 kg/m3
Rated capacity, m330

Difference between tank rated capacity and its discharge capacity determined during the first verification, m3(dm3), not more than

Whenever a tank has several sections rated capacity of the section is the one determined during the first verification of the tank

± 0,495

(± 495)
Fuel residue left in the tank after the fuel discharge on horizontal surface, percentage of the rated capacity, not more than  0,1
Limit of the relative error at periodic verifications, %± 0,4
Volume over the level indicator for thermal expansion of the fuel, % from capacity indicated on the shield, not less than2
Volume of the calibration liquid corresponding to its level decline with reference to the level indicator of the tank rated capacity, %, not more than0,1
Curb weight of the semitrailer tank, kg, not more than7500
Weight of the dischargeable product, kg, not more than 27000
Gross weight of the semitrailer tank, kg, not more than34500
Load on the fifth wheel, kg, not more than14500
Load on the road through the semitrailer platform, kg, not more than20000
Basic height of the fifth wheel, mm1200 ± 5
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than
-length (without truck)10000
Brake systemPneumatic, dual pipe with ABS

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