АC-15 (3 compartments, pump, counter, in any chassis)

АC-15 (3 compartments, pump, counter, in any chassis)
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AC-15 tanker is designed for carrying and short-term storage of all types of refined oil products with mass density n/e 820 kg/m³ and further re-filling of stationary storage reservoirs. Upon request tanks can have 1-3 compartments. Fuel dispenser installation is possible as well. The tanker is fully compliant with ADR.

Tanker housing is a horizontal cylindrical vessel reinforced with three transverse wave breakers. Tanks are filled pumping through a filler hatch, emptied by gravity.

Tank is designed for use in a moderate climate with temperatures ranging from -40 to +45 C, Climatic performance for moderate climate U1 according to GOST 15150-69.

Technical Specifications:

Medium Medium Refined oil products with a density n/e 820 kg/m3
Geometrical capacity, m³ 14,6
Operation temperature, C from - 40 to +45
Number of compartments 3
Tank weight, kg, n/e 1000
Product weight, kg, n/e 12100
Curb weight of semitrailer tank, kg, n/e 24000
Front axle load, kg, n/e 6000
Truck load, kg, n/e 16000
Chassis KAMAZ-65115
Dimensions, mm, n/e
Length 8560
Width 2500
Height 3534

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