Gasoline carrier is a truck or a trailer, which is equipped with special tanks for the carriage of liquid fuels, filled with gasoline, kerosene or diesel fuel. Such tanks, as a rule, have fuel level gauges, as well as the respiratory valve, which is needed to regulate excess pressure. In addition, tanks are equipped with pipe junctions with emergency shut-down valves, settling tanks with water separators, fire protection and earthing devices.

The capacity of such tanks is designed to 1200-8000 l, (in semitrailer - from 7000 up to 30000 l). Tanks of 5000 litres are equipped with partitions-breakwaters, longitudinal and transverse, for the prevention of hydraulic blows during the movement.

Like all commercial trucks, the gasoline carrier is intended for transportation of cargoes. In other words, the gasoline carrier is basically same ordinary truck, the mode of operation of which and the main requirements for their use are similar. The principal thing that distinguishes the gasoline carrier from another truck are the highest requirements for the fire safety. This is conditioned by the fact that to their functions is added one extra - refueling vehicles; to gasoline carriers are also attributed refueling trucks, carrying out refueling of the vehicles in the field, on a large machinery yard or motor transport facilities. In this case, the use of them is economically expedient and conditioned by the peculiarity of the heavy vehicles being refueled. That’s why they provide saving opportunities to entrepreneur whose activity is connected with the use of oversized equipment. Naturally, under these conditions, the park of vehicles should be definitely great. It often happens that refueling truck is the only opportunity for example, in case of remote consumers, individual construction sites etc.

The gasoline carrier and all its elements must be made from high quality materials. In addition to fire safety and durability, their use in big cities demands high maneuverability.

Varieties of tank trucks

Tank truck is a gasoline carrier with a tank mounted on the chassis of the truck.

The semitrailer-tank is a tanker truck, whose tank is installed on the platform cart and equipped with the fifth wheel. Used in the composition of the train with a tractor truck.

Trailer- tank is a gasoline carrier, whose tank is installed on the standalone chassis or trailer axle and is equipped with coupling device.

Gasoline - main basic resource of economic life of the country. It is the part of the cost of almost all products, because motor transport, which consumes gasoline is part of all logistic chains. A gasoline carrier, as the principal means of fuel transportation, will be indispensable until the vehicle is running on any of the liquid fuel. Further expansion of vehicle fleets only increases the demand for fuel tanker trucks, and with present saturation of the motor transport market the need in them will remain, because the fleet of these commercial trucks has to be updated continuously.