Rotary vertical agglomerator ARV-600

Rotary vertical agglomerator ARV-600
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Agglomerator ARV-600 is designed for chopping, washing, agglomeration, pre-drying recycled film wastes of polymer materials, polypropylene bags and big bags.

Specific features of ARV-600 are reverse rotation of the cutter blades, two-sided sharpening of blades and possibility of crushing PET bottles.

Technical Specifications:

Productivity, kg / h
Thickness of the film waste 80-200 um 80
Thickness of the film waste 30-80 um 60
Performance during drying crumbs and pellets, kg / h 30-35
Mass fraction of contamination, % 5
Working chamber diameter, mm 585
Single charge
Main drive capacity, kW
Nominal capacity, kW 31,5
Water consumption in m3 0,05
Fan capacity, kW
Overall dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 1760x900x1800
Weight, kg 1100

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